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Definition Village News
2nd August 2020
Looking Back on the 2020 Math-Off Sticker Book with Sue Premum
Liz Windxor
Last weekend, I took Sue Premum from the Π∋∋ Sticker Company to The George for a unforgettable luncheon, and to look back at the 2020 Math-Off Sticker Book. Max Imum had been due to join us too, but is currently at home resting with a case of moderate to severe sunburn.

The George
Image: JThomas, CC BY-SA 2.0
We returned to The George at Sue's request, as she had enjoyed our previous lunch there so much. I began by asking Sue what she'd made of this year's sticker book.
“I think it's been a great success,” she told me. “We've seen a large number of people across the county collecting and swapping stickers. There have even been online forum threads discussing the sticker book, that everyone at the Π∋∋ Sticker Company has very much enjoyed following.”
Sticker Sales
I next asked Sue if she could share any data about the sales of stickers. Luckily she has brought her data visualisation folder with her, so had plenty to share.

The number of sticker packs sold in each 30 minute period
Image: The Π∋∋ Sticker Company, CC BY 2.0
She first showed me the histogram printed to the right. This shows the total number of sticker packs sold during each 30 minute period of the day. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it shows that sticker sales were lowest in the early hours of the morning, and sticker sales were highest around breakfast time, when all the village residents were buying packs during their morning trip to the village shop to buy their daily paper.

The total amount of money spent on each generation
Image: The Π∋∋ Sticker Company, CC BY 2.0
The second graph that Sue showed me is printed to the left. It shows the total amount of imaginary money that was spent on each generation. Sue however agreed with me that a graph showing the amount spent per sticker for each generation would be a more useful graph to plot, as it would take into account the relative sizes of each generation.

The amount of money spent per sticker on each generation
Image: The Π∋∋ Sticker Company, CC BY 2.0
Shortly after our lunch, she emailed me the graph printed to the right, showing exactly this.
From this plot, it is clear that the final stickers and generation 12 were the most costly. This will not surprise sticker collectors, especially following the extremely suspicious run of “random” increases in the price of generation 12 stickers.

The amount of money spent per sticker on each generation
Image: The Π∋∋ Sticker Company, CC BY 2.0
Sue even showed me a graph showing just how often the price of generation 12 had risen, particularly in the early days of the generation being on sale. Sue assured me that the coin used to decide which direction the price would change was truly fair. I am a good judge of character, and I believed her.
At this point, the arrival of our lunch interrupted our conversation. Sue had chosen to eat fish and chips. I, on the other hand, had opted for fish and chips.
Sticker Locations
While we were eating, I got out my Approxfordshire Ordnance Survey map (as I commonly do), and asked Sue if she should show me where the pictures on the location stickers had been taken. Using the information Sue showed me, I have created this map showing the approximate locations of each photograph. I look forward to hearing about everyone's plans for road trips to visit each location.
With my map thoroughly looked at, and the remains of our lunch cleared away, I proceeded to ask Sue some of the questions sent in by Definition Village News readers.
Were some stickers rarer than others?
Sue told me that within each generation, every sticker was equally rare, and had the same chance of appearing in a pack. Although there were a few stickers that were more common than others, such as sticker 144, which appeared as a prize in a very high number of prize packs.
What factors were considered when setting the price for each generation?
The prices of the stickers in each generation were decided by Sue's research team, although she told me that the amount of thought put into the prices was low and that the researchers mostly chose the prices by picking numbers that felt “about right”.
Were the prizes in the prize packs changing?
Sue told me that the prizes changed quite regularly to reflect the needs of the residents of Approxfordshire. For example, they sent out batches of prizes containing lots of travelcards when they heard that many residents wanted to travel around on the county's trains in search of more stickers.
During June, Sue had to fire a few of her researchers who had worked on the prize packs: due to mistakes in their calculations, the price of the prize packs had been set too low, and they were sold at a huge loss. After these firings, this was quickly rectified.
Sue also told me that the contents of the non-prize packs remained the same throughout, and that and perceived changes must've been down to random variation.
Which sticker is your favourite?

sticker 305
I had already asked Sue this question in out first interview, but I asked again to see if it had changed. Sue told me that her favourite had not changed, and it was still sticker 305.
Are there any Easter eggs which nobody has found?
While all the large Easter eggs have been pointed out by people online, Sue thinks there may be a few small ones which haven't been spotted. She revealed one of these to me: on sticker 305 (her favourite), the 7 that shows that the sticker is part of generation 7 also forms part of the sum 48=31+17.
Why was the list of friends for swapping with listed with highest swaps first, rather than total number of stickers obtained?
The researchers at Π∋∋ suggested this, as they reckoned that those with the most swaps were most likely to have stickers that you need, and so you might want to look at their swaps first. Sue is going to feed this question back to them to see if they want to make any changes before the next sticker book.
What languages/frameworks were used to create and maintain it?
Sue was very confused by the question, and the implication that she may be fictional, but after a few moments of reflection, she broke the fourth wall and told you that the website is programmed using PHP, with a MySQL database used to store all the sticker data. Sue said that the would best describe the source code as “a right mess”, and thinks that the Π∋∋ Sticker Company's researchers will most likely rewrite most of it before thinking about launching another sticker book.
Did you know when you invented bikes that there would be e-bikes?
Sue was a little surprised by this question too, as they invented bikes in April, but didn't invent electricity the end of May, so couldn't possibly have had them in mind.
Is it possible to take buses for free?
Sue told me that the Π∋∋ Sticker Company had been keen to include bus passes in prize packs, but the Approxfordshire bus company refused to allow this as they claimed it would risk weakening their monopoly over the county's bus routes.
This appears to have backfired on them, as the council recently reported that the buses have all been empty for weeks, as Approxfordshire residents have been using the cheaper and cleaner trains.
Is it possible to walk twice in one day without needing a rest?
I can answer this one without having asked Sue: this is not possible. Approxforshire is very very hilly, and even Olympic athletes visiting the county have found that they needed to rest for a whole day after walking between two of the county's villages.
What about that alien invasion: who, why, how?
If you were going to make non-rectangular stickers, what shape would they be, and why?
Sue would like to make either trapezium-shaped stickers or spherical stickers. The Π∋∋ research team that she leads has been looking into the feasibility of spherical stickers, but currently they have been unable to find a way to pack them into packs efficiently enough to be able to transport them to the county's shops.
What's the derivation of the company name Π∋∋?
Sue said that in order to see this, you first have to work out how Π∋∋ should be pronounced. The first symbol is the Greek letter pi. The next two symbols are inclusion symbols, but in reverse. Inclusion symbols are sometimes called “in”, so reverse inclusion symbols are sometimes called “ni”.
Overall, therefore, the company's name should be said “Pi-ni-ni”. This is quite similar to the Panini Sticker Company's name, a company which Sue says is a great inspiration for her company's work.
How did the dragon die?
The dragon didn't die, but was seen flying off far to the North after sticker collectors attacked it enough to wake it up from it's deep sleep. Perhaps it'll return next year.
Can I have a signed sticker book?
Sue said yes: of course I could have a signed sticker book. My signed sticker book is now proudly displayed on the mantelpiece in the Windxor family's living room.
Are there going to be any more additions to this year's sticker book?
Sue told me that the company has officially stopped working on new features for this year's sticker book, but they are already investing the vast sums of imaginary money from this year's sticker sales into exciting new features for the next sticker collection.
Will there be another sticker book next year?
Sue assured me yet again that work on exciting new features for next year's sticker book has already begun.
By the time I asked this question, I was already dark outside, so I figured it was probably time to end the interview. I thanked Sue for her time. She asked me to pass on her thanks to everyone who had collected stickers in this year's sticker book, and said she hopes to catch with many of you soon, possibly at Big Maths Jam which she's really hoping is able to take place this year.
We shook hands and I left The George and headed home, being sure to deface some posters advertising the Remainder Village Flower Show on my way.
Definition Village News
21st July 2020
Upcoming Π∋∋ Interview
Liz Windxor
This coming weekend, I will be interviewing Max Imum and Sue Premum from the Π∋∋ Sticker Company about this year's sticker book.
As well as some of my own questions, I will be asking Max and Sue some questions from the our readers. If you would like me to ask Max and Sue a question on your behalf, please enter it below. Feel free to submit multiple questions, I hope to be able to ask as many as possible.
The interview will be printed in Definition Village News early next week.

Enter your question:
Definition Village News
12th June 2020
Π∋∋ To Start A New Experiment
Liz Windxor
I've just received information from the Π∋∋ Sticker Company about a small change to the generation 12 pricing.
Every morning, starting tomorrow, a Π∋∋ Sticker Company employee will be flipping a fair coin. If the coin lands on heads, the price of generation 12 sticker packs will increase by £0.20i. If the coin lands on tails, the price will decrease by £0.20i. Of course, the price will not be allowed to drop below £0.
As I received this news, I immediately headed towards the Definition Village Shop to buy as many generation 12 packs as possible before the price goes up. But on my way to the shop, I suddenly realised that I might be making a huge mistake as the price might be about to drop, and decided to wait a few days and get them when they're cheap.
If anyone knows anyone who has travelled back in time from the future, please let me know. I would love to ask them when the optimal point to purchase generation 12 stickers will be.
Definition Village News
11th June 2020
Π∋∋ Announce Final Generation
Liz Windxor
Earlier today, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that the sticker packs containing the twelfth generation of stickers have been shipped to shops across Approxfordshire. The tournament's final matches were covered in generation 11, so this latest generation of stickers features some highlights from the Big Lock-Down Math-Off. To allow everyone to enjoy these final stickers, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company have decided to make them available in every shop in the county.
The Π∋∋ Sticker Company also announced that this will be the last generation of stickers for this sticker book. I am a little sad that we have reached the final release, but I am also excited, as I still have much sticker collecting to do, and hope to spend a good few weeks finishing my collection.
In other news, I was nearly knocked over this afternoon by someone zipping down the road at unbelievable speed on what appeared to be a motorised electric bicycle. I hope to find out who is selling these dangerous vehicles so that I can initiate a boycott to get them off the road...
Definition Village News
6th June 2020
Turn The Number Of Generations Up To Eleven!
Liz Windxor
Sticker fans across the county have reason to celebrate today: the Π∋∋ Sticker Company have released the eleventh generation of stickers. Definition Village residents have further reason to celebrate, as the latest stickers are available from the Definition Village Shop.
Lemma Village, Hexagon Village, and Mathematikstadt joined Definition Village to put up the imaginary money for the exclusive rights to this generation of stickers; and shops in these locations also have the latest stickers available. The Π∋∋ Sticker Company stated in their press release that their experimental pricing structure for generation 10 had been successful, and they were continuing their experimentation for issue 11: this time, the prices of sticker packs are greater for collectors who are carrying more swaps.
Alongside the generation 11 sticker packs, which contain the stickers numbered up to 500, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company has also released five sets of special number-type stickers. Each of these sets is based on an interesting set or sequence of numbers. Although the Π∋∋ Sticker Company were very keen to point out that these stickers were not contained in the usual packs, the representative I contacted refused to reveal where these could be obtained. The Definition Village shopkeeper tells me that these stickers were never discussed during the exclusivity negotiations, and suspects that the Π∋∋ Sticker Company had big plans for these stickers all along. I am eagerly awaiting the day when I discover these plans.
The Collaboration Town Merchant rang me up this morning to thank me for sending so many Definition Village News readers to Collaboration Town, and was impressed by your willingness to travel around in search of items to trade. The Merchant also reported to me that now that the road to Collaboration Town is clear, the council were finally able to get the stone they needed delivered. They have used this stone to repair the footpaths leading south from Collaboration Town. With these paths open, the Merchant's business is booming, so keep visiting Collaboration Town if you're a fan of trading imaginary items for imaginary money.
Definition Village News
6th June 2020
Interview with Max Imum and Sue Premum
Liz Windxor
It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. The county council have repeatedly assured us that they're working on fixing the clocks, but that's another story. On this bright cold day in April, I was on my way to The George to have lunch with Max Imum and Sue Premum, top executives at the Π∋∋ Sticker Company. Over lunch, we talked at great length about mathematics, stickers, and life in Approxfordshire.

The George
Image: JThomas, CC BY-SA 2.0
What is the sticker book?
Not all Definition Village residents will be familiar with the sticker book, so I began by asking Max and Sue about how they'd explain stickers to a complete newbie.
“The sticker book,” explained Sue, “is something we started doing last year to tie in with The Big Internet Math-Off. We designed 162 stickers showing the competitors and their entries. We then sold packs of five random stickers, and collectors bought these and swapped spare stickers with friends to try to collect them all.
“This year, the sticker book is slightly different, due to the unusual tournament format. As the length of the tournament and the competitors are not known, we initially released a small sticker book, and are releasing more pages and more generations of stickers as the tournament continues.”
At the time of the interview, six generations of stickers had been released. Since then, four further generations have been released.
How to get started
Next, I asked how people who were late-comers to the sticker book could best join in.
“You'll make a pretty good start if you stay here in Definition Village,” said Max. “The Definition Village shop has lots of early generation stickers in stock, at pretty low prices now that the demand for these generations has dropped. Other collectors are being pretty generous with swapping too, especially with the early generations as most collectors no longer have any use for these swaps. Before swapping stickers with someone, you'll need to be friends. Click on the + next to people on the leaderboard to send them a friend request.
“After a while, you might like to travel around to look for different sticker packs. The bus from here to Theorem Town is quite expensive, but you'll find stickers in Theorem Town that you can't find here. When you visit a new location, you should buy the location's stickers: these are the first items in the location's shop, and will add that location to your map. In the pack, you'll get three copies of the same location sticker; you can swap two of these with friends. If you're lucky, friends will give you other location stickers to help add to your map.
“Unless you buy a prize pack with a lot of money in it, you probably can't afford to visit every location. You should use swapping to help you get stickers from locations you can't get to: buy lots of extra stickers so you have something to swap!”
Avid collectors may have noticed that they are able to swap stickers with all their friends, even those currently travelling in distant sticker-selling cities. I couldn't let Max talk about swapping without asking about how the Π∋∋ Sticker Company achieves this.
“As head of our research division,” Max said, “Sue is in the best position to explain this.”

A Klein bottle
“The swapping system,” Sue proceeded, “is powered entirely by Klein bottles. Our research division recently discovered a method of building a true Klein bottle. I don't fully understand exactly what they did, but the researchers involved ensure me that it is made possible by considering 'spin' as the fourth dimension. By placing identical Klein bottles in different locations, we are able to transport stickers almost instantly between the locations.
“Imagine that Alice is trying to send stickers to Bob. Alice starts by putting the stickers inside her Klein bottle. The stickers are now inside Alice's bottle and outside Bob's bottle. But the inside and outside of a Klein bottle are actually the same region, and so the stickers are actually outside Alice's Klein bottle and inside Bob's. Bob can now take the stickers out of his Klein bottle and they have been transported.
“This isn't the only technological advance funded by our sticker profits: many of your readers may have spent a night in one of our Π∋∋ bed and breakfast pods. These provide free places for sticker collectors to sleep across the county; very useful for those travelling far from home in search of stickers.”
Sticker exclusivity
I was bonding with Max and Sue, and lunch had just arrived at our table, so it was time to ask a more challenging question. I probed them about their recent sales of exclusive sticker rights and the hoarding of these rights by Remainder Village.
“It's a necessary evil,” said Max. “We need the money that these sales bring in to fund our research division. I agree that it would be nice if all stickers were available everywhere, but we decided it was more important to fund our sticker Klein bottles, bed and breadfast pods, and many other projects that our researchers are working on.”
I pushed them about our Remainder Village boycott, but they insisted that they could make no comment on this. Readers, I hope that you agree with me that this reveals that they support the boycott, but cannot publicly declare this while acting as spokespeople for the Π∋∋ Sticker Company.
Favourite stickers
At this point, we were close to finishing lunch, and Max and Sue had important business to get back to. I ended the interview by asking Max and Sue about their favourite stickers.

Sticker 305
Sue began: “My favourite is actually not out yet [it has now been released as part of generation 7], but has just been designed. It's going to be sticker 305.
“It's a sticker about Goldbach's conjecture, which is going to be on our page of unsolved problems.
“Goldbach's conjecture states that every even number greater than 4 can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. The sticker shows how this is done for the even numbers up to 48. I think this is a really interesting unsolved problem: it's so easy to explain what it is, and I find it really surprising that no-one has yet solved such an easy-sounding problem.”

Sticker 148
Max then revealed his favourite sticker: “I'm a big fan of geometry puzzles, so you won't be surprised to hear that I'm also a big fan of Catriona Shearer. Sticker 148 has one of her puzzles on it, and so is my favourite.
“When I pulled this sticker out of a pack that I bought in Hexagon village, I spend a good 20 minutes staring at it and attempting to solve it. I was so satisfied when I finally solved it.”
I thanked Max and Sue for their time, and they headed to the bus stop to catch a bus back to Theorem Town. I walked home, and popped into the Definition Village shop on my way home to buy some stickers.
Definition Village News
1st June 2020
Paths To Puzzle Town Are Open
Liz Windxor
At the start of this evening's county council meeting, there was an exciting announcement: the footpath, cycle path, and railway leading to Puzzle Town have been cleared. Puzzle Town is the home of the Puzzle Village elders, who set a puzzle each day and offer imaginary cash rewards to travellers who solve it.
The four hour council meeting following this announcement contained nothing of note.
Definition Village News
1st June 2020
The Math-Off Is Ending. Is The End Of The Sticker Book Nigh?
Liz Windxor
Today's Math-Off match has begun, and it has been announced by The Aperiodical that this will be the final match of the tournament. This leads us to the obvious question: once there are no more matches, will there be no more stickers?
To clear this up, I reached out to my contact at the Π∋∋ Sticker Company. They assured me that there will certainly be an eleventh generation of stickers—as, of course, the 26th match still needs to be covered—and that they were still planning to issue location stickers to the region of the county to the South of Collaboration Town (although they are still waiting for the roads leading there to reopen so they can deliver these stickers).
My contact also told me that Π∋∋ have today begun looking at ideas for sticker sets to be released after this, are considering starting work on a twelfth and thirteenth generation of stickers, and are in particular looking into ways to make the final generation the most exciting generation yet.
Extrapolating from previous sticker release dates, it looks like we'll have new sticker releases for at least three more weeks. Beyond this, we can't say for certain what'll happen, but the Π∋∋ Sticker Company has never been known for having a plan more than a few days in advance, so much more excitement could still follow.
While I await more concrete sticker news, let me use my obviously huge platform to thank everyone involved in running this year's Math-Off. Christian, Katie, Sam, Andrew and James have each given a great amount of time over to the running of the tournament. If you've enjoyed this year's tournament anywhere near as much as I have, I encourage you to take a few moments to join me in thanking the organisers for it.
Definition Village News
31st May 2020
Generation 10 Is Here
Liz Windxor
This afternoon, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that the tenth generation of stickers were being put on sale at every shop in the county, with an experimental new pricing structure.
The newest sticker packs cost £0.50i each, but are more expensive for people who have collected more stickers. Π∋∋ hope that this will give less established sticker collectors a chance to get the newest stickers first.
In the county's cities, a new auction has become available at the auction house: the price-drop auction. In this auction, the price of the item will halve every day until someone bids. Once someone bids, the item will be sold at the end of the day to one person who placed a bid that day.
In other news, I have heard from a very thankful merchant in Collaboration Town who has finally been able to return home along the road that was blocked by a dragon. Next time you're in Collaboration Town, pay the merchant a visit. If you deliver the correct items, I hear that the merchant will pay well...
Definition Village News
24th May 2020
Remainder Village Still Hasn't Learned Its Lesson
Liz Windxor
This afternoon, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that the ninth generation of stickers were being released. Sadly, the rich and pompous people of Remainder Village are up to their old tricks again and have bought exclusive rights to these stickers alongside Hexagon Village and Collaboration Town.
This should serve as a reminder to our readers that we are boycotting all items from Remainder Village.
The Remainder Villagers, however, haven't managed to keep all the new stickers out of the Definition Village shop: alongside the generation nine announcement, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company also announced that they were releasing a special set of 10 hedgehog stickers to tie in with Vicky Neale's entry into Math-Off match 19.
These hedgehog stickers are now available at every good shop in the county. I have also heard rumours that they are available in some bad shops.
Definition Village News
20th May 2020
Auction Houses and Trade-in Centres
Qed Miliband, Proof City reporter
There's some exciting news for the residents of our county's cities tonight, as the auction houses and sticker trade-in centres have announced that they are reopening!
At their city's auction house, residents (and visitors to the city too, of course) will be able to bid in the current auction. These auctions are held county wide, with people from each city all bidding for the same lot. If a day passes without a bid being placed, then the auction is over and the item is awarded to the highest bidder.
At their sticker trade-in centres, city-goers are able to trade 20 swaps of the same sticker for £0.25i. This is a great way to make a little money from your useless swaps while allowing the Π∋∋ Sticker Company to recycle the paper used to make your stickers.
So next time you're in a city, have an explore. You might just spot me heading into a trade-in centre carrying all 600 of my swaps of sticker 144.
Definition Village News
16th May 2020
A Busy Day
Liz Windxor
Today has been a very busy day in Definition Village!
In the early hours of this morning, bright lights were seen over Definition Hill. When I saw them out of my bathroom window, I initially thought the lights were from the torches of Remainder Village residents on their way to exact revenge upon us for our boycott.
But when I took a closer look out of my kitchen window, I saw that the lights were in the sky. And they were landing! Notebook in hand, I ran outside and towards the farmland on which they were landing, and I saw UFOs. They landed, and aliens started to come out of them, each alien laughing more maniacally than the last. I tried to get a quote from the aliens, but all I managed to get down in my notebook was “Mwa. Mwaha. Mwahahahahaha.”
Thankfully, before the aliens could attack me, the farmer whose land they had landed on chased them off his land with a shotgun. I don't think they'll land there again.
The day's excitement did not end there: as soon as I had watched the aliens retreat back into space, it was time to head to the village hall for the council meeting. There was big council news today: the county has finished work on more cycle paths, and they are now open.
And that's not all that happened today: this afternoon, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that the eighth generation of Math-Off stickers were released. Unfortunately, the latest generation once again won't be available in the Definition Village Shop, as Fractal Town, Prime Town and Composite Village bought the exclusive rights to the lastest generation.
And that's still not all that happened today: there are reports that a dragon was spotted near Corollary City this afternoon. Our Corollary City reporter was unable to confirm this for us as she was allegedly eaten by a dragon.
Definition Village News
9th May 2020
Victory for Definition Village
Liz Windxor
A few hours ago, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced the release of the seventh generation of Math-Off stickers. The announcement included some exciting news for Definition Village residents.
Last week, Jeremy Clark-Sine—Definition Village's richest resident, worth an estimated £30i million—was moved by my Definition Village News article. This alone is not noteworthy, as anyone reading the article could not have avoided being angered by the outrageous actions of the Remainder Villagers.
But Clark-Sine was in a unique position to do something about the situation. Using his great wealth, he was able to outbid the residents to Remainder Village and buy exclusive rights to the seventh generation of Math-Off stickers.
Thanks to Clark-Sine's selfless actions, the Definition Village Shop is henceforth the only shop that will be selling the newest Π∋∋ stickers. And no-one from Remainder Village will be getting any of them.
Definition Village News
2nd May 2020
Remainder Village in Generation 5 and 6 Scandal
Liz Windxor
Earlier today, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company, with great fanfare, announced that the fifth and sixth generation of Math-Off stickers were being shipped out to newsagents. Residents of Definition Village, however, may be disappointed to find that the Definition Village shop has been unable to purchase any of the latest sticker packs.
The blame for this sad sticker shortage lies with the selfish residents of Remainder Village and the money-grabbing greed of the Π∋∋ executives.
In order to increase their profit margins, Π∋∋ have started selling exclusive sales rights of new generations of stickers. Theorem Town, Corollary Town and Remainder Village together put the money up to buy exclusive rights to generation 5. Identity City, Conjecture Town and Remainder Village did the same for generation 6.
In the eyes of this Definition Village reporter, this points to a grand conspiracy involving Remainder Village: by obtaining shared exclusive sticker rights with other locations, the miserly people of Remainder Village are ensuring that they are able to get all the stickers in their local shop, while taking the opportunity to buy stickers away from the residents of neighbouring villages.
All of us here at Definition Village News say that enough is enough. We are calling for a full boycott of Remainder Village. Until further notice, do not buy any sticker, vegetable, pencil or sandwich that has had anything to do with that foul village.
Definition Village News
26th April 2020
Does the Release of Generation 4 Reveal Weaknesses in the Π∋∋ Sticker Company's Distribution Network?
Liz Windxor
In their latest press release earlier today, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced the release of the fourth generation of Math-Off stickers.
Customers of the Definition Village Shop, however, found today that they were unable to buy packs of these newly released stickers.
This disappointment follows rumours that the Π∋∋ Sticker Company's sticker distribution network has been struggling to satisfy the county-wide demand for stickers, and so has only delivered the newest packs of stickers to some locations. Our correspondent in Lemma Village has provided further evidence that this may be true, tweeting photographic evidence that they were able to buy fourth generation stickers at the Lemma Village Shop.
The footpath to Lemma Village was described as 'very busy' this afternoon as multiple Definition Village residents were seen out on the hunt for the latest stickers.
Definition Village News
21st April 2020
More Stickers!
Liz Windxor
Early this morning, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company released a press release announcing the release of a third generation of Math-Off stickers.
This third generation contains 32 brand new stickers, covering two more Math-Off matches. My personal favourite part of this new generation is the inclusion of one of my mathematical heroes: Sophie Germain.
Sophie Germain was a French mathematician. The society she was born into in 1776 was highly prejudiced, and as a woman she was not allowed to attend university lectures or work as a mathematician. This did not stop her from achieving greatness, however, and she broke through these barriers to make important contributions to elasticity and number theory.
This Definition Village News reporter is keenly awaiting the day when she buys her first Sophie Germain sticker from the Definition Village Shop.
Definition Village News
13th April 2020
The Π∋∋ Sticker Company Announce Generation 2
Liz Windxor
In a press conference this afternoon, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that the second generation of Math-Off stickers were on general sale.
The release of these stickers sees the number of stickers available jump from 23 to 79.
Included in this latest release were stickers in tribute to the late great mathematician John Horton Conway, inventor of the Game of Life.
Definition Village News
10th April 2020
It's the Day You've Been Waiting For
Liz Windxor
The day has finally come. At a surprise press conference this afternoon, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company announced that their latest sticker book—to tie in with The Aperiodical's Big Lock-Down Math-Off—is being shipped to newsagents across the county today.
Due to the uncertain format of this year's tournament, the sticker book is currently much shorter than previous books. But as the tournament progresses, new pages and staples will be delivered directly to collectors and new generations of sticker packs will be relased.
Alongside the usual sticker packs, the Π∋∋ Sticker Company has announced that this year there will be special 'prize packs' on sale. These packs contain fewer stickers than the normal packs, but contain mystery prizes. If you buy any of these packs, we wish you the best of luck!
Early signs suggest that stickers are being collected in villages and towns across the county, and this Definition Village News reporter is greatly looking forward to swapping spare stickers with as many people as possible.
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