Welcome to the Big Internet Math-Off 2019 Unofficial Online Sticker Book!

The Big Internet Math-Off is an annual tournament run by The Aperiodical. The winner is crowned The World's Most Interesting Mathematician*. This year's Math-Off is accompanied by an online sticker book.

There are 162 stickers to collect. Every day, you will be given one pack of five stickers. Visit this page every day to open your new pack, stick the new stickers in, and trade swaps with friends.

Start collecting stickers

If you have already started collecting stickers on another device, do not click the link above. Instead, click the "Synchronise your sticker collection between devices" on your other device. If you have started collecting on this device but see this message, email stickerbook@mscroggs.co.uk and I can hopefully recover your stickers.

* of the 16 people Christian asked, who were available in July, and wanted to take part.

This is an Easter egg.

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