Welcome to the Big Lock-Down Math-Off 2020 Unofficial Online Sticker Book!

This year, The Aperiodical are running The Big Lock-Down Math-Off. To guide you through this event, the Math-Off online sticker book is back.

Every day you visit this site, you will be given one imaginary pound* of pocket money. You will be able to spend this imaginary money on packs of stickers. As the tournament progresses, different generations of stickers will be released (just like Pokémon cards) and different types of sticker pack will become available to buy.

Start collecting stickers

If you have already started collecting stickers on another device, do not click the link above. Instead, click the "Synchronise your sticker collection between devices" on your other device. If you have started collecting on this device but see this message, email stickerbook@mscroggs.co.uk and I can hopefully recover your stickers.

* There will not be an option to convert real money into imaginary money, because I'm not a monster.

This is an Easter egg.

Enter your email address in the box below and you will be sent a magic link. Visit this link on another computer to synchronise your sticker book between computers.

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